Culturally Relevant Books and Resources

Bringing culturally and linguistically relevant literature into the classroom embraces the language practices, cultures, and identities of bilinguals. Such texts also help bilingual students draw upon their background knowledge to comprehend their reading.


Resources in this section include a guide to Latino literature, as well as lists of books and resources featuring characters from a range of other cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Resources from the state and beyond:

Mustard Seed Books—Digital culturally relevant books for beginning readers that are available for download in both English and Spanish. Print versions are available as well. The books are designed with tutoring programs in mind, the pictures are high interest, selected to spark conversations, questions and encourage rereadings.

Unite for Literacy—A website dedicated to creating picture book “abundance” for children around the world. This free online library of books is for children birth through age 8. The books currently appear only in English text, but children and their families can listen to fluent native speakers provide a “rendition” of them in up to 15 world and indigenous languages. Select a language other than English from the “narration” pull down menu in the upper left hand corner.